Relationships, both past and present, are what fuel my art.  My paintings are abstract in nature and communicate the many facets that comprise the web of social and familial structures.  Ultimately they tell a story, and different stories may be read. Using both oil and encaustic as vehicles for achieving this spiritual illumination, objects are often seen yielding to one another and/or competing for space.  Shapes are at times incomplete, interrupted, or overlapping.  Saturated colors, a formidable key to my art, can also indicate bold intentions versus subdued reactions.  All of these elements speak of relationships, journeys, and transformations.  As I balance the tightrope between birth and death, I continually adjust my place in this world through my art.  In an attempt to evoke a universal emotion, as I bestow this work to viewers, I hope that it can be a conduit needed for them to know and feel that they are alive.

Kellie Weeks